Our Leaders :

You can contact your officers by calling the Local or through
the board member responsible for your area.

Making the Slogan a Reality
"Bringing Unity and Strength for All"

I firmly believe the leaders listed below have what it will take.

~ Gregg W. Gibson

Officer TitleNameNumber
PresidentGregg W. Gibson 562-572-5242
Executive Vice President Yvonne Melton  562-572-1731
Secretary Treasurer Michelle Harris 562-481-6221
Vice President Brandon Bouchard


Executive Board Members
(at large)
  Bryan Alcaraz     323-774-2807
  Vince Torres 


  Dale Walker 


  Rick Ibarra    562-229-4560
  Alan Hoffman 661-609-2572 (Lancaster)
Area Chief Stewards
Lancaster Alan Hoffman 661-609-2572
Area Stewards    
FSC Taren Conforti    562-706-2600
Operator Services Venida Beaman         310-910-4486


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